Cool room maintenance can seem so easy it can often be forgotten about. However, what happens if your cool room breaks down in the middle of summer? It’s a business owners worst nightmare, and you could end up losing all of your stock. Even worse, customers hate finding out a business’s stock has gone bad, and could potentially stop coming as a result.

This issue can cause lasting damage to your business reputation. The best thing you can do to prevent this is to look after your cool room. By undertaking correct maintenance procedures you will be ensuring the cool room is always running as effectively as possible. Having an efficient cool room also reduces running costs, a side benefit for your business.

Regular Maintenance is Imperative

The easiest way to ensure your cool room continues to work effectively is to undertake regular maintenance. This helps you keep updated with how well the cool room is running. It also allows the spotting of potential problems before they have the chance to exacerbate.

You can easily do the following maintenance jobs yourself:

  • Regularly Clean Walls: Use a mild detergent with a damp cloth. Avoid using chemicals that could potentially damage your cool room. If there are any glaring stains appearing on the walls, take a note of it. If they return once you have cleaned the room, your cool room might require professional maintenance.
  • Keep the Seal Clean: Gunk build up can cause problems for your cool room. Regularly run a cloth around the seal to ensure there is no build up of gunk or other muck. Usually, warm water will do the trick. However, if it is particularly sticky, use some mild detergent to help break down the gunk. Don’t use heavy duty cleaners. They can damage, even deteriorate, the seal, effecting the cool room’s efficiency and increasing running costs.

It is important to keep a record of its operations, and this can be done in the following ways:

  • Record Cool Room Temps Daily: This is a standard part of business operations, and its important to take note. If your cool room temperatures are fluctuating, or exceeding the standard temperatures, your cool room most likely requires maintenance.
  • Keep an eye out for problems: Watch for, and record, water leaks. Keep an eye on your food and ensure that it is properly refrigerated/frozen. If products are thawing out in the cool room, it might require maintenance.
  • Check for unwanted smells: If your cool room has strange smells, there could be a water leak. Your cool room can still work in such conditions, but will be working harder, costing your business extra money.
Keep On Top of Your Maintenance Schedule

Cool room maintenance should be added to your regular maintenance schedule. This is to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Refrigeration systems have to work extra hard during the summer months to keep up with the high temperatures. To check your maintenance schedule, call the company who installed the system or read your warranty. Otherwise, the experts at STUARTEK will create a schedule for you.

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